Introducing Alex
Team coach, Vienna

Alex is a leadership team coach and accredited executive coach with a masters degree in psychology. He is particularly experienced in working with technology-driven organisations and scale-ups operating in an agile environment.

What do you enjoy about coaching teams?
The most value in organisations is generated in and across teams. It’s messy, fluid and dynamic, and I love to come alongside teams as a thinking partner, enabling them accelerate performance and impact, in a sustainable way.

What are your strengths as a team coach/practitioner?
I bring a multi-disciplinary approach and I’m always ready to do the real and deep work. I’m curious by nature and feel comfortable to be creative and to co-create new approaches. I also have a very good sense of when to get out of the way and allow the team to get on with their work.

How do your clients describe you?
Calming presence, someone who is comfortable to work around the edges in non-linear or chaotic structures. Assertive, playful and structured. Clients feel safe to open up, be more reflective and braver to have the real conversations.

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