Introducing Alexei
Team coach, Moscow

Alexei is an organisational consultant, and accredited executive and team coach. He is experienced in working globally with multi-national organisations. Alexei holds an executive masters degree in consulting and coaching for change from INSEAD, and is a certified L&D practitioner registered with the CIPD.

What do you enjoy about coaching teams?
I am motivated to help people design and sustain organisational environments where people choose to give their best and flourish. I enjoy harnessing the power of coaching as organisational change technology and designing interventions that benefit the larger system.

What are your strengths as a team coach/practitioner?
My 22 years extensive leadership experience has given me an eye for strategy (people and purpose) and strength in rallying others to collaborate and build a compelling vision.

How do your clients describe you?
Insightful, 100% engaging, and delivers results. My clients often say that I am particularly helpful in facilitating crucial conversations and my interventions enabled them to become aware of beneath-the-surface group dynamics.

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