Introducing Alana
Team Coach
Johannesburg, South Africa

Alana helps individuals and teams reach their full potential by deepening awareness and understanding of self as well as others. Alana’s approach is both systemic and relational, considering the influence of individuals on their team and organisation, and of the organisation and team on the individual

What do you enjoy about coaching teams?

I believe that people drive organisational growth, and that learning is growing and transforming. I enjoy helping teams deepen awareness of their team dynamics, so that they can learn more effective ways of engaging and working together

What are your strengths as a team coach/practitioner?

I focus on the inter-relationship of the ”I”, the “We” and the “IT”,  recognising the impact individuals have on their team and organisation. My years of business and coaching experience, has helped me support teams in bringing all 3 elements into harmony, so that the parts enable the whole.

How do your clients describe you?

Able to confront challenging issues in a gentle, helpful and empathic way,  enabling them to speak about topics in a constructive way.

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