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Organisational change and transformation

At a time when many organisations are experiencing external pressures and uncertainty there is an increasing need to introduce new team structures and ways of working to survive. Agile working is becoming commonplace with teams having to adapt quickly to new circumstances. The composition of teams and the ability of the leader to create conditions that support the team members and their work together are critical to the success of any new strategy.

A well-structured, adaptive team will perform well, benefiting the organisation for the long-term. teamGenie® has a successful track record in helping teams reach their full potential.  Our team design advisory services, team coaching, and skills-based programmes for teams and team leaders help with any business transformation.

teamSalient® – The science behind effective teams

Transforming organisations through effective teamwork

When a team fails to meet expectations, it’s under pressure to work harder. But this rarely solves problems, since members fall back on what they know and unconsciously replicate points of failure.  This can become a vicious cycle that drains the team’s energy and morale. teamGenie®’s experts are adept at helping organisations improve team effectiveness and team performance. Through scientific research we have identified 16 critical drivers of successful teamwork. With the help of our award winning team diagnostic assessment tool, teamSalient®, we map missing foundations, pinpoint the root of problems and lay the groundwork for the team’s success.

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