From good to great teams

The chemistry behind high-performing teams

Success story: The journey to team excellence

Senior leadership at a blue light organisation were performing well and continuing to exceed expectations despite many changes in the team. The group knew it was effective – but they didn’t know why. To sustain their success, they wanted a better understanding of how they work together. Ultimately, they wanted to continue to grow – moving from a good to a great team.

Our approach

Many teams that work well together can’t say why. Without a clear understanding of the drivers of their success, they may not be able to sustain performance over time and risk losing momentum.

We used teamSalient®, our award winning, cutting-edge team diagnostic tool, to evaluate and review the teams effectiveness against 146 different metrics. Team members completed an online survey and worked with an accredited coach to fully flesh out a picture of the team’s structure, processes and dynamics. Our approach allowed both teams to benchmark themselves against others working in similar ecosystems. Our client appreciated the insight they gained from a data-driven, granular analysis.

The results

Our evaluation confirmed what this team already suspected: it was highly effective. With the help of teamSalient®, we drilled down into the team’s day-to-day activities, revealing the working practices and core strengths behind its high-performance. This allowed the team to move from a generalised sense of ‘this is how we normally do things’ to a sophisticated framework that could sustain its high performance.

Client testimonial

“This has been incredibly validating and invaluable for the team”.
Chief Superintendent.

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