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Conflict resolution in the workplace

Teams are vitally important to organisational success, but too often they are frustratingly ineffective, and even become sites of negative emotion. When a team is impacted by conflict it can spill over into division and dysfunction. The conflict can knock a previously high functioning team off-course.

Dysfunction is a pattern of unhelpful behaviour that arises in response to unmet needs. Left unattended, small issues slowly grow into large obstacles that are hard to resolve amicably. Team leaders aren’t specialists in identifying or resolving abnormal teaming behaviour. It is at these times that external, professional support can help to get the team back on track.

Dealing with conflict in a team

A constructive, respectful culture of debate and errors is essential to promote positive team development. Teams that learn to communicate and resolve difficulties by themselves become more cohesive, confident and effective.

Conflict coaching for teams can help improve team relationships by:

  • Promoting real learning and reflection
  • Enabling teams to better understand different styles of communication
  • Building team confidence in engaging in difficult conversations
  • Reconciling conflict situations by improving understanding and enabling the team to move forward more positively
  • Helping to sustain changes in behaviour

Collab6® six-stage approach to team coaching.

Effective conflict resolution and teamwork skills

Our bespoke team coaching method – Collab6® – uses a six-stage approach to increase a team’s ability to connect, communicate, and collaborate. By incorporating teamSalient®, our award winning team diagnostic assessment tool, coaches are equipped to identify problematic team dynamics.

teamGenie® are experts in working with the messy reality, complexity and ambiguity of teams as they develop. Our coaches create space for difficult conversations and empower teams to work through interpersonal conflict autonomously.

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