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Team diagnostic assessments

Moving from start-up to maturity, teams develop through distinct stages over time. Each stage has its own unique set of challenges, and if these aren’t worked through, they can stop teams from making headway, resulting in stagnation. Often, teams not only fail to progress, but lose ground. Stuck or slipping backwards, many teams don’t excel or deliver, and never reach their full potential.

Teams often find it hard to identify how effective they really are on their own – and even harder to know what to do to improve this and their performance. That’s why we created teamSalient® – a cutting-edge diagnostic assessment tool designed to measure how effective a team is at any stage of development and guide them on the most important actions to take to improve performance.

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Award winning assessment tool that transforms teams

teamSalient®our award winning team diagnostic assessment tool, identifies key strengths, critical gaps and improvement areas for your team. The most comprehensive team assessment tool on the market, teamSalient®’s powerful diagnostics extend team capabilities beyond their current comfort zones to increase team effectiveness and performance.

  • Developed with teams for teams – over four years of quantitative scientific research and extensive field trials.
  • Focuses on the whole team – a team is more than individual members and their personalities – it’s a dynamic, evolving social structure, and our tool captures this complexity.
  • Different versions for different teams – executive teams, leadership teams and functional teams have different requirements, as do executive boards. We’ve adapted the tool to ensure it reflects this.
  • Zeroes in on effectiveness -pinpoints 16 drivers and inhibitors of team effectiveness.
  • Sparks systemic change – this team building tool connects the team to its organisational context, supporting the team as it changes over time.
  • On-going support – we generate actionable plans that are usable for 12 months by the whole team.
  • Functional and flexible – teams can adapt the tool to their unique circumstances, providing a personalised experience.

teamSalient® – The science behind effective teams.

Tried and tested – Developed with teams, for teams

Created by business leader and psychologist, Dr. Declan Woods, teamSalient®, draws upon over 30 years’ experience in team coaching and development. It was developed through scientific research and subjected to extensive field testing with over 200 working teams. This rigorous quantitive research and testing gives teams confidence in its reporting and results.

teamSalient® provides a tangible, 12-month trackable online action plan to improve and develop team performance. It focuses on the entire team, not individual members working in isolation. It is unique in how it measures the whole team in context and how it compares this with other teams based upon:

  • Team structure
  • Team processes
  • Group dynamics
  • Team member relationships

The science behind effective teams

teamSalient® helps each team identify its stage of development and then move to a zone where they can improve effectiveness. It maps deliberate and targeted actions that will help make the biggest difference to team performance. It analyses group behaviour around three domains: team fundamentals, team facilitators and fire ups. This powerful team diagnostic assessment tool incorporates 96 questions and 16 drivers of team effectiveness. This multifaceted view delivers what other team development tools don’t: a clear, insightful analysis of how to improve team dynamics.

teamSalient® generates a clear, benchmarked team profile, full of insights. Award winning, the teamSalient® team diagnostic tool helps teams identify their current state of effectiveness, then scores and prioritises areas of action to create the greatest impact on performance. When used with multiple teams simultaneously, organisations can track team activity, profile and progress using the in-built dashboard and action plans. The tool’s integral dashboard allows an overview of all development activities at a glance, across teams.

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