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Raising the bar in standards of excellence, we are professionally accredited industry leaders in team coaching, design, and development. Working with teams to help them connect, communicate and collaborate better. Headquartered in London, UK with an international footprint.

The best and most productive relationships are based upon a foundation of mutual trust and respect. Since our earliest days, we’ve approached our work with the same partnership approach and dedication at the core of every engagement. People are our business: teamGenie®‘s client list speaks for itself.

Client Testimonials

Executive coaching

“Although I was open minded about the coaching, I didn’t expect to get much from it. It turned out I gained a lot. The coaching conversations opened up my management style and skills. I now prioritise my work and focus on what’s really critical and I have gained more capacity and am more effective. Coaching helped me get up the learning curve quicker. I have regained the buzz from my work and am looking forward to the challenges the next year will bring”.

Exploration director, Oil company.

Team assessments

“Amidst all the pressures of turning around a complex and underperforming business, it is easy for executive team development to slip down the agenda. teamSalient® was invaluable in helping me, and our team coach, identify our innate strengths and focus attention on some essential areas for action. It is work in progress, but work that the executive team owns and that is raising the pace and quality of leadership.”

CEO, Defence organisation.

Team diagnostics

“Using the outcomes from the teamSalient® tool provided us with the evidence and suggestions for new ways of working which will inform how we want the senior leadership team to look, feel and operate in the future. It underlined some of our existing thinking and enabled us to focus on some key areas that will require both behavioural change for both the team leaders and team members and re-alignment of roles, responsibilities and accountable areas.”

CEO, Government agency.

Leadership team coaching

“We were delighted to work with teamSalient® to provide insightful leadership development for our Senior Leadership Team. The analysis facilitated team discussion and subsequent learning led to key actions to further improve a high-performing team with collaboration, innovation, and team ethos. Declan is a thoughtful and impressive leadership coach and hope to work with him again.”

Chief people officer, Fintech organisation.

Team coaching

“The format of teamSalient® enabled the team to engage in a lot of open and honest discussion on issues that we hadn’t discussed in the past. It helped us learn a lot about each other’s motivations – and team performance – more than we thought possible. This allowed us to understand why team members approached situations as they did.”

Director, Central operations, Sainsbury’s Argos.

Executive team coaching

“The Senior Management Team had honest conversations, which they had never had before. It helped us get to the hub of the issues between us and as a result our working style and performance as a team improved.”

CEO, Media sector organisation.

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