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Welcome to teamGenie® – global pioneers in coaching teams. Our hand-picked practitioners work emergently with teams on their dynamics to improve connections, communications and collaboration. We combine the art of team coaching into a tailored journey for each team using data-led approaches from our award-winning, proprietary team discovery tool, teamSalient®.

Whether working with a single team or teams at scale, with our global reach, teamGenie® can help teams ‘release their magic’ and transform their organisations.

Our Values

Our values are central to everything: who we are; what we do and why we do it; who we choose to work with, how we do it, and the difference we strive to make. As the creators of the global standard for team coaching, we are true pioneers in the field, constantly seeking new ways to help teams become successful. We hand-picked team practitioners working at the top of their game, delivering coaching that we know will make a real difference – to the team and the organisation.

We value integrity and collaboration as fundamental values that guide our actions: both in how we work with clients and internally. We will work closely alongside you throughout and always deliver on the commitment and promises made.

Our mission

Realising the magic of teams


The latest research suggests only 13% of teams are high performing. Conventional interventions like facilitation don’t create lasting change. It’s time for a different approach.
Price, C. (2016): Accelerating Performance, Wiley


Exceptional teams start with human connection. Groups are greater than the sum of their parts, so we focus on whole team collaboration supporting them to become more effective through stronger communication, connection and collaboration.


We help improve team effectiveness and team performance. With years of expertise and as leaders in our field, we deliver exceptional results and set new industry benchmarks.

The Triumphant Team

The go-to handbook every team leader will want in their hand and every Team Coach will want to have in their bag.