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Measuring team effectiveness and performance

Teams are a critical part of today’s workforce and have a dramatic effect on organisational performance. An effective team can achieve incredible results. However, far too often teams are unsuccessful and it’s hard to pinpoint why. Leaders shouldn’t ignore red flags, as teams rarely turn things around without intervention. The best approach is to take action sooner rather than waiting too long to address underlying issues.

teamGenie® can help by assessing a series of factors known to influence a team’s performance and success. Using teamSalient®, our award winning, proprietary team diagnostic assessment tool, we examine how well teams are functioning. We give team leaders insight into the most important levers to improve team effectiveness and performance.

teamSalient® – A powerful diagnostic assessment tool that transforms teams.

Team assessments

When team leaders inherit a team, they need to know it’s ready and fit for purpose. teamSalient®, our team assessment tool will give insight and analysis, identify strengths and weaknesses, and also assist with any necessary team re-modelling.

The most comprehensive team assessment tool on the market, teamSalient®’s powerful diagnostics measure team effectiveness based upon quantitative science. This award winning discovery tool analyses team performance at any level around three domains: team fundamentals, team facilitators, and fire ups. This multifaceted view delivers what other team assessment tools don’t: a clear, insightful analysis of team dynamics and effectiveness. It compares the team to others operating in a similar context and provides a tangible, 12-month trackable online action plan to improve and develop team performance.

Board evaluation and corporate governance

From the point of view of corporate governance, it is essential for an organisation to ensure that the dynamics of a board of directors is healthy and that they work well as a team. The UK Corporate Governance Code recommends an annual board evaluation. Investors, regulators and other stakeholders are seeking greater board effectiveness and accountability and are increasingly interested in board evaluation. Boards are also seeking to enhance their own effectiveness.

teamGenie® are experts at accessing the effectiveness of executive boards. With the help of our award winning team diagnostic assessment tool, teamSalient®, we can evaluate board dynamics to map missing foundations, pinpoint the root of any problems and lay the groundwork for the board’s success.

Our bespoke team coaching method, Collab6®, uses a six-stage approach to increase the executive board’s ability to connect, communicate, and collaborate effectively together .

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