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Improving collaboration and communication in remote working and virtual teams

These days, and particularly during the global COVID pandemic, the most efficient and adaptable organisations work in unison from almost anywhere in the world. Teams find themselves operating in new scenarios often driven in an accelerated fashion to reshape how they work, engage with colleagues and interact with and deliver services to external and internal customers.

The new reality brings great potential but also many challenges. While virtual teams can perform far better than traditional models, they often don’t. New mindsets need to be developed and honed to co-ordinate work and maintain relationships. Sadly miscommunication occurs too often that can lead to an erosion of trust. This is where external support, from professionals like teamGenie®, can help to get the team on track.

Has virtual working created a challenge for teamwork within your organisation?  Do you want to increase performance in a virtual world? Discover teamGenie’s unique and proven virtual team coaching solutions. Don’t let distance come between your organisation building successful, high-performing teams. Our team-building services for virtual teams assess team dynamics and help improve group task and relational processes.

Building high-performing virtual teams

Coronavirus has brought about a ‘new normal’ with virtual and hybrid workplaces. Team leaders need to to keep their teams motivated and engaged, and provide the necessary support that team members need whilst trying to keep the business engines running.

So how do you create a genuinely high-performing virtual team? A team with the right skills – and the right mindset – to thrive in the virtual and geographically distributed world?

Successful teamwork is an important factor for team wellbeing and engagement, particularly through these challenging times. Teams need to be both agile and resilient. Our bespoke team coaching method, Collab6®, uses a six-stage approach to increase a team’s ability to connect, communicate, and collaborate effectively. We identify sticking points and unblock them, allowing virtual/remote teams to progress. teamSalient®, our award winning, proprietary team diagnostic assessment tool, is designed to examine how well teams are functioning. We give team leaders insight into the most important levers to improve virtual team effectiveness and performance. Get in touch to find out more.

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