Our approach to creating high-performing teams

Developing and sustaining high performing teams

There are clear links between organisational performance and team performance, so if you want your organisation to perform better, focus on teams!

Our coaches are passionate about teams and the difference effective teams can make to their organisations. Working to help improve team effectiveness and team performance, our approach is outcome-orientated/goal focused and relationship driven. We partner with teams and work with them dynamically – either in-person or virtually – to help them connect, communicate, and collaborate better. Whatever challenges your organisation faces, if teams are involved, team coaching can help support and align your teams.

Our team development solutions

A team has more power than the individuals within it. When teams work well together, magic happens but they don’t always know how to do this on their own. That is where our team coaches come in! teamGenie® have developed a portfolio of services to help clients develop effective, high-performing teams:

Team coaching
Team coaching is an investment in teams that significantly drives an organisation forward. teamGenie® are global leaders in team coaching, recognised for creating the industry standard for the field and raising standards of coaching practice. Our bespoke team coaching method, Collab6®, uses a six-stage approach to increase a team’s ability to connect, communicate, and collaborate effectively.

Team diagnostic assessment tool
teamSalient® is our propriety, award-winning diagnostic assessment tool. It is designed to measure how effective a team is at any stage of development. It guides teams on the most important actions to take to improve team performance. The most comprehensive team development tool on the market, its powerful diagnostics help extend team capabilities beyond their current comfort zones to increase team effectiveness.

Team design
For a team to stand any chance of succeeding will require it to be designed, structured and set-up well in the first place. A team’s effectiveness can be influenced significantly by intentional team design. The work we do in this area aims to create purposeful teams, that have the abilities, processes, and potency to carry out work that is meaningful and makes a positive impact – to team members and the organisation.

Team development programmes
Our specially designed modular learning series for teams, team leaders, and HR professionals help to fill any skill/knowledge gaps. The modules are delivered by subject matter experts. They can be used as stand-alone development sessions, or they may be blended into a team coaching programme to extend capabilities across the team.

Mapping the team’s development journey  

Our proprietary team coaching model, Collab6®, uses a six-stage approach to increase a team’s effectiveness and to drive performance. Team’s develop over time and so our team coaching programmes map the whole development journey. Delivery is flexible and modular, and as every team is unique, we tailor our team coaching service for each team to meet their needs.

Collab6® – our six-stage approach to team coaching.

We work with teams that are co-located ‘in person’, and ‘virtually’ with geographically dispersed teams – or using a combined ‘hybrid’ delivery model. Informed by scientific insights from teamSalient®, the process takes a team from early engagement, through design and team development to radically improve team effectiveness. When teams focus on their effectiveness, research shows team performance is improved.

“We have been very impressed with teamGenie®’s approach to culture change. They introduced team coaching sympathetically during a time of change. teamGenie® enabled the senior team to increase performance to a level that would not have been achieved without them.”  CEO, Retail Bank.

The science behind great teams

Our work is research-led and incorporates our award-winning, proprietary assessment tool, teamSalient®. Borne out of 30 years’ coaching experience, teamSalient® identifies key strengths, critical gaps, and improvement areas for the team. It is unique in how it focuses on the entire team and measures their effectiveness collectively. It provides teams with a tangible, 12-month trackable online action plan to improve and develop team performance.

teamSalient® -the science behind effective, high-performing teams.

“The format of teamSalient® enabled the team to engage in a lot of open and honest discussion on issues that we hadn’t discussed in the past. It helped us learn a lot about each other’s motivations – and team performance – more than we thought possible. This allowed us to understand why team members approached situations as they did.”  Director, Central operations, Sainsbury’s Argos.

Our beliefs about teams and how we approach team coaching

Building better teams: where we focus to develop effective, high-performing teams.

Team coaching is the quickest way to accelerate and get the results you want from your team and your business. Here are our beliefs about teams and how these inform our work with teams and approach to team coaching:

  • One-to-one coaching supports individual development yet doesn’t deliver team-level improvements.
    We coach the whole team, as a team, to help them become more effective.
  • Effective teams perform better, and when teams perform so do organisations.
    We focus on the design, processes, and dynamics of team effectiveness that drive team performance.
  • Teams develop and benefit best from support over time.
    One-off team events rarely make a real difference. So we support teams over the longer term – our team coaching methodology is based upon a development journey.
  • Great leaders create great teams!
    We actively support the team leader, coaching them separately in parallel to the team.
  • Teams influence and are influenced by their context.
    We gather feedback from the system to inform the team’s development work.
  • Teams improve better when they learn.
    We create a safe environment for the team to try and test new approaches.The team can embed their learning into new team processes and norms, and develop a solutions focussed approach.
  • When teams work well together magic happens! High-performing teams are much more than the sum of their parts.
    We focus on helping teams connect, communicate and, collaborate to improve team effectiveness and performance.
  • Teams don’t always have the skills they need.
    We draw on experts to build skills and fill knowledge gaps.
  • Teams needs are fluid, they evolve and change and often quickly.
    We use live action coaching sessions to coach the team as they go about their usual business. Any issues are worked through as they surface.
  • Tricky team dynamics can undermine team performance.
    Our team coaches are practiced in working with the messy reality, complexity, and ambiguity of teams as they develop.
  • Teams benefit most when they focus on the areas that make the greatest difference.
    We use science and a data-led approach in our work with teams.teamSalient®,our award-winning team assessment tool, reports on the most important actions to take to improve team performance.

Our definition of team coaching: ‘Coaching the whole team and its leader over time to increase connections, communication, and collaboration within the team and its wider context and to improve team effectiveness and performance. We work towards agreed outcomes and goals, informed by stakeholder feedback, add or top up skills where needed, and measure success using the teamSalient® discovery tool’.

Team coaching works with the team as a system rather than a collection of individuals. It supports the team to become more effective to ensure stakeholders’ expectations are met/exceeded. Let teamGenie®’s experts combine the art of team coaching into a unique and tailored journey for your team. Get in touch today.

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