Team development

We offer a variety of team programmes

  • Team leadership skills
  • ILM-accredited team development
  • Leader as team coach®
  • The Art of Leading Teams to Triumph
  • HR, L&D, talent and OD professionals coaching workshops

Team leadership skills workshops

  • Leader as Team Coach® (LATC): An intensive and immersive, introductory programme to equip team leaders with the essential skills to coach their teams. Three-days in person – or equivalent modular sessions, if delivered virtually.

  • The Art of Leading Teams to Triumph: A more advanced programme of five-six-days (or modular virtual equivalent) for a cohort of 12-15 team leaders, accredited by the Institute of Leadership (ILM) . The programme gives participants the skills to lead teams successfully and with confidence across different stages of a team’s development from start-up to excelling. Participants will learn to quantify their team’s needs and flex their range of team leadership styles to meet them. Leaders can complete the award winning teamSalient®  diagnostic with their team before they join for a hands-on, action-packed experiential learning programme that starts with a 2-day core skills module and includes optional 1-1 and group coaching.

  • Launching and sponsorship new teams for top leaders: An advanced masterclass for those in senior leadership positions to help them refine and hone their skills to kick-start new teams. They will leave understanding how to set up and launch a team successfully as well as appreciate the common challenges teams face later so they can provide the sponsorship and resources needed. A half to one-day, in person programme or one or two, three-hour sessions if delivered virtually.

HR, L&D, talent and OD professionals coaching workshops

  • De-mystifying team coaching: Two-hour introductory workshop for HR and related professionals to really understand the differences and benefits team coaching can bring their organisation and how these compare with other, commonplace team interventions such as facilitation or team building. Delivered in person or virtually, this workshop will help participants learn about team coaching and decide if a team is ready to get most from it.

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