Introducing Anna
Team Coach
Munich, Germany

Anna is an accredited executive and team coach. Anna has a Master’s in Organisational Development and Executive Coaching, with over 25 years business experience as a leader in global organisations.

What do you enjoy about coaching teams?
Helping teams develop stronger relationships and identify barriers holding them back. It is hugely rewarding to see the shifts they make and the impact it has for them.

What are your strengths as a team coach/practitioner?
Creating the conditions for people to really open up and to be themselves. Presence, holding the space, and being in the here and now. My experience as a senior leader in corporate teams allows me to relate quickly to the team and it’s situation.

How do your clients describe you?
A trusted thought partner, who forms deep relationships and creates an environment with psychological safety. Brings energy and insight, with a good balance of support and challenge.Anna, Team Coach, Munich, Germany

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