Coaching at Work ‘road test’ teamSalient®

Our diagnostic team tool features in award-winning publication, Coaching at Work

Established in 2005, Coaching at Work is an award-winning bi-monthly magazine specifically for executive and internal coach/mentoring practitioners, OD/HR/L&D coaching/mentoring champions & coaching/mentoring academics.

Coaching at Work road test teamSalient® , our proprietary diagnostic team tool, in their latest, September edition.  The feature article appears in the ‘Toolbox:Road Test – Time for Action‘ section of the magazine.

The informative article discusses teamSalient®’s methodology, its use in practice, and notes the following attributes :

  • Shows a team where to focus to become much more effective, benchmarked against other teams
  • Links a team to its organisational context
  • Built-in functional flexibility for coaches and teams
  • Converts ‘Insight into Action’© through 12-month team plans

Here is the practitioner’s verdict

“It is easy to set up and use teamSalient® and I have found it makes a massive difference with teams. It gives them clarity of where to focus their development and gives them a common language to be able to talk about previously undiscussable topics, including tricky team dynamics. teamSalient® has given me the confidence that the team is focusing on the areas that will make the biggest difference, and I am winning more team coaching assignments as a result.”

And the client’s experience of our team assessment tool

“We were in an ‘us and them’ situation. We neither wanted nor trusted the ‘others’. teamSalient® changed that. It highlighted the lack of psychological safety and surfaced our reluctance to have the difficult conversations. Acknowledging this proved a turning point and allowed us to start to find a way forward together and gave us the common language and metrics as a team to do that”.
Transformation director, national organisation.

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