Demystifying team coaching

Demystifying team coaching

An introduction to team coaching
Complimentary webinar for HR, L&D, and talent professionals

Presented by Dr Declan Woods, Global Head of Team Coaching Standards and Accreditation (AC)

As HR and L&D professionals are often the first point of contact for queries from teams either looking to develop or, sadly more commonly, to work through dysfunction, team coaching is an important area to know about. Unfortunately, there is often confusion about what team coaching actually is and how it differs from other interventions used with teams. To help demystify team coaching, we are offering HR teams a complimentary webinar with Dr. Declan Woods, Global Head of Team Coaching Standards and Accreditation at the Association for Coaching® (AC).

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Building teams – demystifying team coaching.

The rise of team coaching in the workplace

With the rise in teams across organisations to deliver faster results and more agile operations, team coaching is being utilised as an effective way to develop high-performing teams.  Its use by organisation has risen by over 75% in recent years.

The power of one-to-one coaching has been highly regarded for some time, but many significant challenges and opportunities no longer rely on individuals, but rather teams. So, this is where team coaching comes in as it helps strengthen trust between team members and increases team alignment and accountability. Even so, there is still a lot of confusion as to what team coaching is and how it differs from other team development initiatives, such as facilitation, team building, and action learning sets. This is why we created a complimentary webinar demystifying team coaching.

Demystifying team coaching – complimentary webinar for HR teams

If you are a HR team looking to develop a deeper understanding of team coaching then this webinar is for you. Join Dr. Declan Woods for a complimentary webinar to demystify team coaching. Declan will deliver an introduction to team coaching and insight into team coaching programmes. He will give clarity on how team coaching differs from other interventions utilised in team development. Declan will answer questions and give guidance on how to know if a team is ready for team coaching, and what to look for when selecting and working with a team coach.

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If your team are confused by team coaching they’re not alone. Let us guide you.
Find out answers to these questions and many more in this interactive webinar:
  • What is team coaching?
  • How does team coaching differ from facilitation… or team building… or action learning sets…?
  • What is involved in a team coaching programme?
  • Is the team ready for coaching? Is the team’s leader?
  • How does team coaching benefit a team?
  • What should I look for when choosing a great team coach?
We know what great team coaching practice looks like. We created the global industry standard.
Presented by Dr. Declan Woods – thought leader and top team coach

Dr. Declan Woods heads up teamGenie® and is a CIPD Fellow of some twenty years standing. He is the Global Head of Team Coaching Standards and Accreditation at the Association for Coaching® (AC), a leading independent, and not-for-profit professional body dedicated to promoting best practice and raising the awareness and standards of coaching, worldwide. Declan led the creation of their global team coaching competencies and coaching accreditation scheme. A chartered psychologist and multi-award-winning accredited master coach, Declan has 20 years experience in team coaching and development.

Webinar feedback from HR teams

UK Sport
Thanks so much for today. Really loved your style of delivery.

“Really insightful and thought provoking.”  “Absolutely brilliant!”

“Huge thanks again Declan for sharing your knowledge and experience with us – it really gave us something to think about, and to revisit a discussion on as a coach group”.

“A great starting point to connect with colleagues, to sense how team coaching is defined, and to create awareness around capability building for the future”.

“It was helpful to see the differences to other team interventions and the different situations where team coaching could apply”.

“I appreciated the overview of the different team interventions as well as the drivers for team effectiveness”.

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