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teamSalient® – the science behind effective teams.

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Teams often find it hard to identify how effective they really are on their own – and even harder to know what to do to improve their performance. That’s why we created teamSalient®. Our award-winning team diagnostic assessment tool is designed to measure how effective a team is at any stage of development. It guides teams on the most important actions to take to improve team performance.

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The science behind effective teams

teamSalient® is our award-winning team diagnostic assessment tool designed to measure a team’s effectiveness across its different stages of development. The most comprehensive team assessment tool on the market, it draws upon over 30 years’ experience in coaching and development.

Tried and tested – developed with teams for teams: teamSalient® is based upon rigorous quantitative scientific research and subjected to extensive field testing with over 200 working teams. It generates powerful, in-depth reporting and delivers insights on the drivers of team performance, creating effective, actionable, development plans. teamSalient®’s powerful diagnostics extend team capabilities beyond their current comfort zones to increase team effectiveness and performance.

  • Developed with teams for teams – over four years of quantitative scientific research and extensive field trials.
  • Focuses on the whole team – a team is more than individual members and their personalities – it’s a dynamic, evolving social structure, and our tool captures this complexity.
  • Different versions for different teams – executive teams, leadership teams and functional teams have different requirements, as do executive boards. We’ve adapted the tool to ensure it reflects this.
  • Zeroes in on team effectiveness -pinpoints 16 drivers and inhibitors of team effectiveness.
  • Sparks systemic change – this team building tool connects the team to its organisational context, supporting the team as it changes over time.
  • On-going support – we generate actionable plans that are usable for 12 months by the whole team.
  • Functional and flexible – teams can adapt the tool to their unique circumstances, providing a personalised experience.

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